The last few weeks have been hectic! I have been involved in many things.....IG Photoshoot,  Telford College Christmas Showcase, BA Tour Duties and a performance at Polmont Prison. "Unbound" a performance I watched at Polmont Young Offenders Prison, was an amazing piece of work that touched me in a way that no other dance piece has.  The performance was lead by choreographer Rhianna Laws, who challenged 5 young boys aged  between 16-21 to participate in Contemporary Dance workshops.  I also participated in these workshops @ Telford College which were based upon the themes of: the weight of the world on your shoulders, pathways in life and reaching out for help.  Watching these young boys perform and lay their souls for all to see instead of putting on a macho front was truly inspirational.  During the pre-performance chat on of the boys said "I just want my family to be proud' and after the performance I am sure they will be, there was not a dry eye in the room.

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